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Yog Nidra
Secret of Total Transformation

Are you one of them?

  • who relaxes by collapsing in an easy chair with a cup of coffee, a drink or a cigarette
  • who reads a book or listens to music or watches television after hard day�s work
  • who habitually bites his nails
  • who scratches his head
  • who strokes his chin compulsively
  • who taps his feet without realizing
  • who pace about restlessly in your room
  • who talks compulsively
  • who displays constant irritability
  • who takes a day out for his game of golf, the home Gardner, the knitter or the Sunday painter or even a bathroom singer
  • Someone who suffers from psychosomatic illnesses like diabetes, hyper-tension, migraine, asthma, ulcers.

If the answer to any of these is yes, then you should be interested in knowing that you are fortunate to have landed at the right place.

We disclose the biggest secret of true health - True Relaxation

Did you know?

» Nomadic people all over Asia, traveling night and day reach an oasis or camping place and at once throw themselves on the ground and one hour of that precious rest refreshes them with as much new vitality and energy as an average person.

» Martina Navratilova, Sachin Tendulkar, Leander Paes and many other sportsmen have personal yoga instructor who teaches them this divine art.

» The IAF medical service�s Indian society of aerospace medicine have been using it to desensitize trainees having air sickness problems and deliver specific solutions

» Wolf Gang Von Goethe used the inspirations and institutions from this state to solve problems arising in his work

» Kekule realized the molecular structure of benzene in this state

» Noble Laureate Neils Bohr came across the planetary structure of an atom

» Einstein accelerated his awareness to the speed of the light in the famous thought experiments, which led to the story of relativity.

You have reached the one stop destination for all the challenges that a modern life poses.

Total relaxation of the body help, the optimal functioning of the endocrine system, which controls the other systems as well. Since mind and body both relax deeply in Yoga Nidra, total relaxation of all the systems happens and their working gets enhanced. I feel that today with most illnesses being psychosomatic, if Yoga Nidra is used for their treatment then mental and physical health can improve. On the level of body and mind, yoga nidra can go very deep and the relaxation it brings can destress both our mind and body in a very simple way. Psychosomatic diseases can also be treated in this way with good results.

Dr. Pallavi, B.A.M.S.


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Yoga Nidra

It is a state of conscious deep sleep. During the practice of yoga nidra, one appears to be sleep, but the consciousness is functioning at the deeper level of awareness. It is sleep with a trace of deep awareness. It is state of mind in between wakefulness and dream. Normally when we sleep, we loose track of our self and cannot utilize this capacity of mind. Yoga nidra enables the person to be conscious in this state and nurture the seed of great will power, inspire the higher self, and enjoy the vitality of life.

The Wholistic Technique for Relaxation

Most people think that relaxation is simply reclining and closing your eyes. When you are tired you simply go to bed .But unless you are free from muscular, mental and emotional tensions, you are never relaxed. That is the reason why many of wake up in the morning with a feeling of fatigue, restlessness and inadequate rest. In order to relax completely, the inner tensions, emotions and mind must be released, This complete state of relaxation can be achieved through yoga nidra.

Do you indulge in hobbies to get away from your routine?

But during each activity that restless mind keeps ticking away and muscles remain at work. Even listening to music requires energy. Actual state of relaxation can be achieved through yoga nidra. This technique is more efficient and effective form of physic and physiological rest and rejuvenation than conventional sleep. Psychosomatic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine, asthma, ulcers and digestive disorders-all stem from tension.

Is your mind tense?

Then possibility is that your stomach is also tense. And if your stomach is tense, your circulatory system is also tense. To save yourself from this vicious circle of events that causes muscular, emotional and mental unrest, practice Yoga Nidra.

Secret of Transformation

Yoga nidra restructures and transforms our whole personality form within. With every session of yoga nidra we are actually burning our old samskaras, habits and tendencies in order to be born anew. This process is quicker than other systems that work on an external basis. In yoga nidra, sowing of seeds of change is found in sankalpa, which you make for yourself during each practice. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word, which can be translated as resolve or resolution. It is the most powerful method for reshaping your personality.


The sankalpa takes a form of a short mental statement, which is impressed on the subconscious mind when it is receptive and sensitive to autosuggestion. Sankalpa is a determination to become someone or do something in life. It thus has to be made when your mind is completely at rest or peace. Before and after the practice of yoga nidra, should ideally be the time dedicated to Sankalpa.


When the mind is clear, the seed of sankalpa grows very well. It will then become a powerful directive, for sankalpa needs to be planted with strong willpower. Once the seed of sankalpa is planted deep in the subconscious, it gathers the vast forces of the mind in order to bring about its manifestation.


Benefits of Yoga Nidra

» Yoga nidra gives you profound experience of muscular, mental and emotional relaxation.

» Yoga nidra transforms a victim of stress into a victor in life.

» Yoga nidra improves the lives of people with chronic degenerative diseases.

» Yoga nidra revives the dispersion of human energies at all levels.

» Yoga nidra burns the old samskaaras, habits and tendencies in order to be born new.

» Yoga nidra melts your mind so that you can cast good creative impressions on it thereby increasing receptivity.

» Yoga nidra plays a vital role in ensuring psychological health and well being of children.

» Yoga nidra augments the capacity of receptivity and attention and awakens the joy of learning in young students

» Yoga nidra helps in regaining the point of balance and harmony in every sphere of existence.

» Yoga nidra provides the perfect conditions for intra-uterine growth of the foetus.

» Yoga nidra acts as an ideal antidote to preserve child�s natural abilities and creative faculties in the most effortless and spontaneous way.

» Yoga nidra helps in combating diseases that have sprung up with new dimensions and reached a peak in the last few decades

» Yoga nidra decreases the requirements for analgesic, hypnotic and sedative drugs.

Yoga nidra as a Process of Releasing

The mind is not directed here and there during yoga nidra. There is no guided imagery, no explanation and no effort whatsoever to be aware of any object, or part of body or being. Rather you go into state of deep releasing and letting-go. You invite your attention to go deep into the stillness and silence, in the space between the breasts. As you move deep into the state of yoga nidra, you want to release and release. There are thoughts in the dreaming mind but we go past that in yoga nidra..Your attention has also left the dreaming state of mind, and gone further inward. Here, you completely let go of any words, thoughts, images, impressions or pictures. It is this emptying which takes you to yoga nidra.



The State of Receptivity & Creativity

In the yoga nidra state, the mind is exceptionally receptive. Languages and other subjects can be learned rapidly. Suggestions given at this time are successful in removing unwanted habits and tendencies. Just as you melt iron and cast it into a particular mould, the same way there is a phase when the mind is melting and at the same time you can cast good and creative impression on it. Receptivity of mind can be awakened only when the dissipations are annihilated and in Yoga Nidra we do this by awakening the emotional structure of the mind. Being emotionally receptive to everything that we need to assimilate, we need to withdraw distractions so that mind can flow on one smooth level. Then whatever is impressed upon the mind, becomes the directive, the destiny. Yoga Nidra mind is obedient and hence more receptive.

Man is weak because he is depending merely on his intellect and the information of his senses. But once the doors to the deeper mind is opened, you are at the root of creativity. The practice of Yoga Nidra enables one to receive intuitions from the unconscious mind. This is the secret of the extraordinary accomplishments and the fount of artistic and poetic inspiration.

Yoga Nidra Enhances Learning Capabilities

Modern educational methods, which make use of this state are producing spectacular results. Educational innovators such as Dr Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian psychologist and the founder-director of the institute of Suggestopedy in Sofia, are now utilizing yoga nidra to create an atmosphere in which knowledge is gained without effort. Dr Georgi Lozanov, recognizing that the state of active and relaxed awareness in students awakens the desire to learn, improves memory and reduces inhibition, has devised methods for teaching/learning of foreign languages that are three to five times faster, with the use of relaxation and music. As the class proceeds, the students effortlessly assimilate an enormous amount of knowledge, which, under conventional classroom conditions, would surely precipitate strain, tiredness and loss of concentration.

Yoga nidra is being tapped internationally as a means of improving conscious recall thereby increasing memory function. Yoga nidra is a promising technique that will revolutionize the teaching procedures in the future by enabling students to assimilate knowledge without much effort. There are students who want to learn, but their conscious mind is weak or unreceptive. Such children with learning disabilities can benefit from yoga nidra by absorbing knowledge through the subconscious mind. Such children can be taught by transmitting symbolic forms directly into his subconscious.

Yoga Nidra for Stress Relief

Mental stress is the penalty the man is paying today for becoming civilized. It is true that some people are more prone to suffer from the effect of stress, but no one is immune to it. Only the threshold varies. It has been seen that urban population have higher blood pressure levels. The higher standard of living, higher education, higher incomes and more skilled occupations are associated with higher level of stress. Executives, professionals and people working on jobs with deadlines are under stress most of the time. It has been noted by Russek & Zohman in a study of coronary patients and an equal number of controls, that job stresses accounted for greater differences between the groups than other risk factors like diet, heredity, obesity, smoking or exercise.

Other than keeping stress out of their lives yoga nidra can make corporates more efficient by enhancing their creativity, receptivity of knowledge and problem solving skills.

The research done by Dr. K.N Udupa of Banaras University suggests that stress-related disorders evolve gradually through four recognizable stages. Firstly psychological changes such as anxiety, irritability and insomnia arise due to over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. In the second stage symptoms such as high blood pressure, elevated heart rate and increased intestinal motility surface. In the third stage, a more profound physical or biochemical imbalance sets in, while in the final fourth stage, irreversible symptoms that often requires surgical or long term management appears.

Yoga Nidra is increasingly becoming popular and is now being prescribed by doctors in many countries as a preventive and curative therapy in earlier three stages of stress related diseases. In addition, yoga nidra is effective in management of psychosomatic disorders that have progressed to an irreversible stage by providing effective symptomatic relief, treating depression and deep rooted anxiety and evolving the best possible outlook of the sufferer towards the disease. Yoga nidra being subjectively oriented and internally directed, comes as a great savior for them. The ultimate objective of yog nidra goes far beyond rectifying the imbalances created in the body by poor stress management. It lies in actually teaching the sufferer to thrive on the same difficulties, anguish and tensions and positively utilizing tension as a stepping stone to greater awareness.

Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis

Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis brings about a state of sensory withdrawal. But they are two very different sciences.

  • Although they may start at the same point of relaxation and receptivity, Yoga Nidra proceeds in one direction and Hypnosis in another.
  • When the mind is dissociated from the sensory knowledge, it passes through a hypnotic state but the state of mind achieved in yoga nidra is far beyond hypnosis.
  • The aim of yoga nidra is to take consciousness as far as you can lead it. When you are transcending up to a certain point, you are actually passing through the range of hypnosis.
  • During yoga nidra, the brain is completely awake and it receives a higher quality of stimuli and develops a different type of awareness. However in hypnosis, the subject is led into a deep sleep in which the brain is completely shut down. The consciousness in hypnotic state is very limited and confined to a very small area. This is tamasic condition, while yoga nidra creates a sattvic condition.
  • According to Yoga, there are three important nadis or energy channels in the physical body known as ida, pingala and sushumna. Ida conveys the mental force, Pingala the vital force and sushumna the spiritual force. Throughout our lives, Ida and Pingala Nadis are continually feeding the brain with the necessary stimuli which enable it to cognize an object, a sound, an idea. If you close off Ida and pingala, then brain is isolated. That is hypnosis. But in yoga nidra, the sushumna nadi is activated and provides the necessary energy and stimuli to the brain. Because of sushumna activation, the brain receives a higher quality of stimuli and a different type of knowledge.

Yoga Nidra and Curing Diseases

Yoga nidra has widespread application in the management of diseases of all kinds, and promises to play a far greater role in the future. Yoga nidra can be utilized either by itself or in conjunction with other conventional forms of medical therapy. It has been found useful in both acute and chronic conditions, especially in degenerative and stress related conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases and arthritis. Diseases with high psychosomatic component such as asthma, peptic ulcer and migraine headache respond favourably by yoga nidra. Yoga nidra can be really helpful in psychiatric treatment especially in cases, which are unresponsive to routine psychotherapy.

The practice of yogic relaxation has been found to effectively reduce tension and improve psychological well being of people suffering from anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating, abdominal pain respond exceptionally well to yoga nidra. Practising yoga nidra successfully decreases the time required to fall asleep, thereby curing insomnia.

It is a wonderful aid in curbing excessive consumption of coffee, cigarettes and alcohol and drugs by reducing deep seated conflicts and tensions. Its influence in removing pain by stimulating the pituitary gland to release its own potent pain suppressing compounds is remarkable. If all this is not enough, yoga nidra if practiced regularly in pregnancy creates the most favourable conditions for intra uterine growth. This divine practice is also recommended for cancer patients in conjunction with meditation therapy. In this way crucial balance between concentration and relaxation is established, While meditation involves relaxation, surrender and letting go, yoga nidra is emerging as an excellent preventive and curative procedure in cardiovascular management because it works by inducing a more relaxed mental attitude and emotional climate.


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