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What is Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a highly powerful ancient meditation technique originated from the Tantras. It is the scientific way to eliminate the root cause of all the negativities.

Yoga Nidra comprises of the secrets of total transformation which give a real positive direction to our life and eliminate the root cause of all negativities like stress related disorders, ailments like hypertension, depression, insomnia, asthma, digestive disorders, etc which drain our life energy. It is the key to penetrate the latent realms of mind, and train the mental faculties to access the immeasurable powers of the subconscious and unconscious mind.

The Sanskrit word Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘one pointed awareness’ and Nidra means ‘sleep’. In Yoga Nidra, the body, mind and intellect are completely relaxed and one appears to be sleeping but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level, and the subconscious and unconscious realms of mind get opened up. So yoga nidra is ‘dynamic sleep’ or in other words ‘psychic sleep’ in which you learn to relax consciously.

In yoga nidra, you not only enjoy the complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation but also get to explore the tremendous powers hidden in the deeper layers of subconscious and unconscious mind.

In the deep relaxation state of yoga nidra, the mind is in a state between sleep and wakefulness and its receptivity is many times more than its receptivity in wakeful state. The secret is that the subconscious mind is at front in this state while the conscious mind takes the back seat. The subconscious mind is a very obedient disciple and immediately carries out the orders that you put to it. By practicing yoga nidra you can completely train your subconscious mind. Then the ordinary conscious mind and intellect will follow the suit. The subconscious and the unconscious mind are the most powerful forces in the human being. In yoga nidra you learn how to access these powerful forces to gain knowledge, cure diseases, increase creativity, and to realize your true self.

When the consciousness is connected to all the senses, the receptivity is less while in the deep state of relaxation, the senses are withdrawn and the receptivity is much greater. Normally, when we sleep, we loose track of our self and cannot utilize this capacity of mind. Yoga Nidra enables the person to be conscious in this state and nurture the seed of great will power, inspire the higher self, and enjoy the vitality of life. So the nature of mind can be changed as required, because when you withdraw your mind from outer world and you are neither in deep sleep nor completely awake, whatever impressions you plant at that time grow and enrich your life.

Yoga Nidra

the wholistic relaxation technique

All the three kinds of muscular, emotional, and mental tensions are released in yoga nidra and thus it is highly beneficial for people suffering from psychosomatic diseases such as hypertension, stress, diabetes, migraine, asthama, ulcers, digestive disorders, and skin diseases that are caused by the tensions in the body and mind. Yoga nidra is a systematic way of relaxing your body, mind and intellect.

Most people think that relaxation is very simple; just recline and close your eyes. You are tired so you go to bed and think that is relaxation. But unless you have released your muscular, mental and emotional tensions, you are never relaxed. Some symptoms of the people having these tensions are that they habitually bite their nails, scratch their head, stroke their chin, tap their feet, talk compulsively, display constant irritability, or chain smoke. They do these things because they lack awareness of their own inner tension. Even while sleeping the worries and thoughts revolve continuously in the mind and the tense person wakes up feeling exhausted. And that’s exactly where yoga nidra helps. Yoga nidra is the scientific method to remove all these tensions.

Yoga nidra is a more efficient and effective form of psychic and physiological rest and relaxation than the routine sleep.

A single hour of yoga nidra is as restful and refreshing as four hours of conventional sleep.

By making yoga nidra a part of your daily life, you not only relax completely, but restructure and reform your whole personality from within. This process of transformation is not only quicker than the other systems which work on an external basis only, but the results are also more reliable and permanent.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

» Yoga nidra induces deep relaxation at all the levels – physical, mental and emotional.

» Yoga nidra can be used to change the nature of mind along the positive lines.

» The quality of sleep improves dramatically by practicing yoga nidra.

» The work efficiency increases manifolds by practicing yoga nidra.

» Yoga nidra is highly effective in removing stress.

» The diseases like insomnia, hypertension, depression, asthma, digestive disorders, migraine and ulcers can be cured by yoga nidra.

» The practice of yoga nidra shifts pressures from the coronary system.

» It exerts positive influence on the physical matter in the brain.

» Yoga nidra awakens the psychic body and gives the practitioner, experiences of the astral plane.

» The process of learning anything becomes very quick by yoga nidra.

Be the master of your mind

By practicing yoga nidra, the nature of the mind can be changed, knowledge can be gained and your creative genius can be restored. When you practice yoga nidra you are opening the deeper layers of your mind. Right now, your intellectual mind is in operation but when you are able to relax, the subconscious and unconscious level of mind open. The unconscious mind is the base of man’s normal and abnormal behavior, the base of all that we are is in the subconscious and unconscious dimensions of our mind. And yoga nidra helps us dive deep into the depths of our mind and puts us in touch with our psychic personality which is responsible for all that we think and do.

In yoga nidra you learn to train your subconscious mind.

Since the subconscious mind is much more receptive than the conscious logical mind, whatever impressions you plant in the subconscious mind will grow and enrich your life.


the secret of total transformation

In yoga nidra, the most effective means of training the mind is found in sankalpa – resolution, which you make for yourself during each practice. Anything in life can fail you but not your sankalpa. It is an important stage of yoga nidra and a powerful way of reshaping your personality and giving a new direction in life along positive lines.

When conscious mind-body is in deep relaxation, at that time, whatever sankalpa - resolution you will make, it will get fulfilled.

The resolution you make at the beginning of the practice is like sowing a seed and the resolution at the end is like irrigating it. The sankalpa is a short mental statement which is impressed on the subconscious mind when it is receptive and sensitive to autosuggestion during yoga nidra. Sankalpa is a determination to become something or to do something in your life. The sankalpa has to be made when you are not intellectually active, but when your mind is calm and quite. Sankalpa is a seed which you create and then sow in the soil of your mind. When the mind is clear the sankalpa grows well.

Intellectual resolves are not deeply planted and rarely bring results. But once the see of sankalpa is planted deep in the subconscious, it gathers the vast forces of the mind in order to bring fruition. This deep and powerful seed will eventually manifest itself again and again at a conscious level and bring about the desired transformations in your personality and your life.

No personality is beyond reformation through yoga nidra. No fear or obsession is so deep rooted that it cannot be changed by the sankalpa made during yoga nidra.

However, the purpose of sankalpa is not to fulfill desires but to create strength in the structure of the mind. A sankalpa should only be made when one understands its real purpose and meaning.

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